User Comments

Here are some comments from a test market group who expressed interest in acquiring YourCardStands to send with their holiday cards this year.

This innovative product will be a game changer to reduce chaos and clutter during the upcoming holiday season. My husband and I run a small business and subsequently send and receive dozens of holiday cards. By the end of the year our front table is an absolute mess. This clever stand looks like it will help keep everything organized and allow us to actually enjoy the cards, not just wish they’d stand in one place!

Lilli Lee

Director of Marketing, Ben Lee Properties, Los Angeles

This is an excellent way that many worldwide, including myself, will find useful to hold cards that won’t stand on their own. Thank you for an invention that looks very useful and affordable.

Emmnauel Koro

Johannesburg-based Environmental Journalist

“The flat card display … [is] an incredible idea and so useful.”

Gloria Barke

Thank you … for the card stands. We already have put them to good use.

Melanie And Boyd Hasik

Here are comments from actual recipients of YourCardStand:

Many thanks for the amazing card stand! It is [also] exactly what I need for displaying loose photos when a frame is unavailable.Brilliant idea.

Penny Morenson

You’re so right about not realizing how much we needed the flat card stand. VERY good idea and now I hope [we get lots] so that we can display them properly.

Barbara Klaskin Silberg